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  • How can I view on-ice action shots?
    To relive the excitement of the games, simply press the 'Gallery' button at the top. Then, in the new tab, select the correct tournament, click on the arena of interest, and navigate to the day you want to view. Alternatively, you can press the 'View in Game Photos' button in the centre of the home page. The images will be uploaded approximately 1-2 hours after the final period of each match. You can browse and purchase your favourite photos directly from our website. Instant downloads are available for your convenience. Be sure to note the image numbers of the shots you like for any print orders!
  • Now that I’ve seen the photos, how do I purchase them for print?
    When you're ready to order prints (a digital option is also available of the special effect posters), press on the 'Shop' button at the top. The store offers a wide range of products, including various poster designs, sizes, and framing options. Take your time to select the perfect choice that reflects the uniqueness of the player's performance. Once you have your choices set, be sure to have the image number handy (which can be found in the bottom left corner of each picture). After you place your order, our dedicated team will begin fulfilling it as soon as possible. Once it is ready for pickup, we will email you to ensure it's a hassle-free collection process.
  • What other products do you sell?
    Aside from the digitals and prints, we are bringing back our Player Trading Cards! This item will allow you to have any image of a player transformed into a trading card and affixed within a clear acrylic frame. However, we have an extremely limited quantity available, so make sure to get your orders in soon! We will also still be selling both the team game galleries and personalized player galleries. We want to stress that, with the personalized galleries, we will not focus solely on taking photos of the player you are supporting. Instead, we will compile all their shots post-tournament, filter through the pictures using their jersey number, and send them to you. You can also jot down the image numbers you want us to include to ensure we get everything.
  • Can I have a breakdown of your pricing?
    Digitals $9.95 USD + tax Per On-Ice Action Shot $30 USD + tax Cost of Creating a Special Effect Poster Printing is an additional cost. Prints Adding on a frame is only $10 extra. 4x6 - $10 USD + tax (No Frame Available) 8x10 - $20 USD + tax 10x12 - $30 USD + tax 11x17 - $40 USD + tax Player Trading Cards $80 USD + tax for a custom-made trading card with a variety of unique player designs to choose from, also including one acrylic frame. Please note that quantities are extremely limited, so get your orders in early! Team Game Galleries $145 USD + tax Per Game (Cost Can Be Split Between Parents) $435 USD + tax for all round-robin matches Personalized Player Galleries $160 USD + tax Per Player
  • Do you have any deals or discounts if we buy multiple of a product?
    For every two prints, you will receive 15% off your purchase. For every three prints, you will receive 20% off! These can only be redeemed in person. Additionally, if you buy three team game galleries, a fourth one will be sent to you absolutely FREE! We are also offering a team discount for a bundle of 10x12 framed posters (minimum 10), where the group can select one design from our three options.
  • Why can't I buy a gallery at the same time as buying a physical print?
    Unfortunately, Square does not permit someone to buy items that are fulfilled differently (i.e., one that is digital and one that is physical) in the same order. Because of this, you will need to make two separate purchases.
  • How can I get in contact with you if I have any questions or concerns?
    North Vision Media strives to provide exceptional customer service, so please don't hesitate to contact us at by email, or on Instagram, if you require further assistance. We are here to help! Also, feel free to drop by our booth in the front lobby area to speak with us directly. We will be stationed at Northtown Center on Friday and Leisure Rinks on Saturday!
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